A renogram is an exam that evaluates the function of the entire urinary system. It is often used when the condition of hydronephrosis has been identified. 

For the exam an IV and urinary catheter will be placed. Our staff is well trained in safe placement and pain reduction techniques and will work with you to limit the discomfort of these two necessities. Your child will need to hold still on our imaging table for approximately one hour of imaging. We will use seatbelts, as needed, to assist and ensure your child’s safety on the imaging table. Your child will receive IV hydration throughout the study. Your child may also receive a small dose of a diuretic called Lasix half-way through imaging. None of the 3 fluids given via IV will cause your child any pain or discomfort. There will be a movie screen above your child’s head. We have a wide variety of DVDs to choose from. You may accompany your child into the room for imaging. There are no eating restrictions for this study, please feel free to bring along snacks and drinks. Generally, we do not sedate patients for this exam, but if needed our team will communicate that prior to the exam.

Once the scan is complete, the images will be evaluated by a Radiologist. If the scan is satisfactory and no additional images are needed, your child will be free to leave and resume normal activity.