Lung Perfusion Scan

A Lung Perfusion Scan provides images of the blood flow in the lungs. The study highlights how the heart pumps blood into the lungs.

For the exam, an IV will be placed. If in the past, your child has required an IV placed specifically by our Vascular Access Team (VAT) or using an ultrasound to guide its placement please mention that to our staff. Our staff are well trained in safe placement and pain reduction techniques and will work with you to limit the discomfort of this necessity. Generally, we do not sedate patients for this exam, but if needed our team will communicate that prior to the exam.

Once the IV has been placed, your child will lay down on our imaging table for the scan. The scan will take 45-60 minutes. Dress your child comfortably, in clothes that are free from metal. To help your child successfully complete the exam, we have a variety of DVDs to choose from. Your child may also bring a favorite movie to watch during the exam.

Once the scan is complete, the images will be evaluated by a Radiologist. If the scan is satisfactory and no additional images are needed, your child will be free to leave and resume normal activity.