Colonic Transit Study

A Colonic Transit study measures the rate at which your child’s colon empties.  Your child will drink 300 mL of any type of liquid that has been mixed with a tasteless medicine called a radiopharmaceutical.

The exam is done in four appointments over the course of 3 days. In preparation for this exam, your child may not eat or drink, including water and medications, for 8 hours prior to your appointment time. Once the exam begins, your child may not have any bowel stimulants or laxatives. Your child will be asked to drink 300 mL of any type of liquid mixed with our radiopharmaceutical. This liquid can be anything of your choosing. We typically have water, sports drinks or apple juice on hand, but if your child would prefer something else, you are welcome to bring something from home. Please be aware that all birth assigned females 10 years of age or older will need to submit a urine sample prior to imaging. A sample cup will be provided at the 5th floor check in desk. 

Immediately after drinking, your child will be asked to lay on our imaging table for the first image. Each image will take 3-6 minutes. To help your child successfully complete the exam, we have a variety of DVD’s to choose from.  Dress your child comfortably, in clothes that are free from metal. Your child may also bring a favorite movie to watch during the exam.

The second part of the exam begins 4 hours after the first image. This delay allows the medication to begin moving through the body. To help the medicine move through the digestive system, we want your child to eat something prior to the 4 hour return. There are no restrictions on what or how much your child eats. But we will continue to ask that you hold off on any bowel treatments until after the last image at 48 hours.

Your child will return for additional imaging 24 and again at 48 hours after the initial image. Each of those images will be about 3-6 minutes in length. 

Once the scan is complete, the images will be evaluated by a Radiologist. If the scan is satisfactory and no additional images are needed, your child will be free to leave and resume normal activity.