Child Development Resources

Reading about child development and exploring new ways to play with your baby is a good way to support your child’s development. Here are some examples of websites from reliable sources with helpful information about development, health and baby care. 

Please remember that children may progress through their milestones in different ways and steady progress is often more important than meeting an exact timetable. If your baby was premature, remember to use the age from your due date for the first 2 years when thinking about milestones. This is called the adjusted or corrected age.

Pathways |

This is a website to help you encourage your baby’s development with information and videos with demonstrations of activities and games to promote development. Motor development is a focus.

Zero to Three |

This is a website that focuses on child development in the first three years.  It has particularly good information about parenting and social-emotional development.

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CDC Learn the Signs. Act Early. |

This is a website from the CDC that focuses on development in children 2 months to 5 years of age and provides resources for families.

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Just in Time Parenting |

This is a website with month-by-month developmental and parenting tips. You can subscribe to their newsletter service and receive regular updates by email as your child grows. 

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Healthy Mothers-Healthy Families |

This is an Australian website to foster wellness in moms caring for a child with special needs. Although the information was developed for mothers of children with disabilities, the information and suggestions are also suitable for parents of children with special health care needs and for fathers.

Healthy Children |

This is the American Academy of Pediatrics Parenting Website.  It has information about development as well as feeding, growth, sleep and baby care.  There is specific information about premature babies on this website. You can request a parent newsletter delivered to your inbox.

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