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The Neurointestinal and Motility Program (NIM) provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment for patients suffering from complex motility disorders. These range from conditions such as achalasia, gastroparesis, pseudo-obstruction, and Hirschsprung’s disease to functional gastrointestinal disorders including cyclic vomiting syndrome, chronic nausea and abdominal pain, and chronic constipation. The NIM program is the only comprehensive pediatric motility program in the state of Illinois and one of only a few in the United States. It collaborates closely with a variety of departments throughout the institution to provide the most thorough and complete review of our patients.

The Lurie Children's Difference

The NIM program, led by John Fortunato, MD, utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach to create a unique evaluation and treatment plan for our patients. Patients entering the program will be asked by our program coordinator to provide a full review of their conditions in order to provide the optimal care experience. Our state-of-the-art lab provides the most up-to-date motility and neurogastrointestinal testing with novel techniques that allows for a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition. We believe testing and treatment should be individualized for each child’s needs and be respectful of family values. Our family centered model of care includes discussing testing strategies, results and treatment with families and children.

Learn more about the Neurointestinal & Motility Program in the video below. 

In addition to its own program, NIM provides support for several multi-disciplinary programs at Lurie Children's. These programs include:

NIM has an active research agenda with ongoing studies that include exploring the complex relationship between the autonomic nervous system and GI symptoms/motility and examining clinical outcomes related to bowel management of children with chronic and refractory constipation.  

The Neurointestinal & Motility Team

The program is led by John E. Fortunato, Jr, MD​, Neurointestinal & Motility Program Director and Attending Physician in the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Attending Physicians 

Alex Green, DO
Peter Osgood, MD
Maria Perez, DO

Clinical Psychologist

Bonnie Essner, PhD

Nurse Clinicians

Julie Shotwell, APN, NP
Emily Santolin, APN, NP
Sarah Cannon, RN, BSN, CPN
Kim Dionisio, RN, BSN, CPN
Regina DeFranco, MSN, RN
Maria Jabeguero, RN, BSN
Abby Branderhorst, RN


Ruby Ibarra
Eva Maria Noria

Registered Dietitian

Melissa Talley, RD

Program Coordinator

Sabrina Tsang

Clinical Research Coordinator

Carol Meegan

Medical Assistant

Michelle Torres

Administrative Assistant

Lysandra Lazar

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