The following physicians and advanced practice nurses specialize in treating children with neonatal-related complications. Please note, not all of our specialists are available at every location. Click on their names to learn more about their special interest areas and locations.

Physician Leadership
Aaron Hamvas, MD, Division Head
James W. Collins, Jr., MD, MPH, Medical Director, Lurie NICU
Leslie Caldarelli, MD, Medical Director, Prentice NICU

Attending Physicians
Stephannie M. Baehl Voller, MD
Michael W. Balbus, MD
Jill Chang, MD
Meghan A. Coghlan, MD
Ankur W. Datta, MD
Isabelle De Plaen, MD
Joseph A. DiCara, MD
Maria Luz V. Dizon, MD
Gustave H. Falciglia, MD
Joel B. Fisher, MD
Jessica T. Fry, MD
Justyna Grothaus, MD
Jacqueline J. Guay, MD
Arika G. Gupta, MD
Natalia Henner, MD
Shayna D. Hibbs, MD
Hamida Khan, MD
Janine Yasmin Khan, MD
Violeta J. Komotos, MD
Kenny del Barco Kronforst, MD
Megan B. Lagoski, MD
Jeffrey L. Loughead, MD
Charles C. MacDonald, MD
Kerri Z. Machut, MD
Colleen Ann Malloy, MD
Nana Matoba, MD
Karen Mestan, MD
Cassandra Montoya, MD
Karna Murthy, MD
Patrick J. Myers, MD
Raye-Ann Odegaard deRegnier, MD
Marta Perez, MD
Medhat K. Philobos, MD
Antranik S. Poladian, MD
Nicole R. Pouppirt, MD
Nicolas Porta, MD
William J. Reda, MD
Mary E. Robbins, MD
Daniel T. Robinson, MD
Anne Daley Ryan, MD
Chitra M. Sachs, MD
Lina Sapiegiene, MD
Malika D. Shah, MD
Shawn M. Smith, MD
Miroslaw S. Skalski, MD
Shamik Trivedi, MD

Members of Children’s Community Physicians Association
Subash C. Arora, MD

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
Denise Barnes, APRN-NP
Mimi H. Hancko, APRN-NP
Christina Henneberry, APRN-NP
Joy Hess, APRN-NP
Allison M. Jaskula, APRN-NP
Amy McArthur, APRN-NP
Diane Nyari, APRN-NP
Deanna Smetana, APRN-NP
Elizabeth Smith, APRN-NP