Throughout Your NICU Stay

Ideas for Bonding with Your Baby

This one-page PDF resource shares nine different ideas for bonding with your baby in the NICU. 

Dads and the NICU

This resource for dads, created by the March of Dimes, provides information to help you learn ways to cope during your baby's time in the NICU. The guide covers topics including:

  • What are common emotions?
  • How can my partner, family and I get through this together?
  • How do I support my partner? 
  • How can I be active in my baby's care?
  • How do I decide to spend my time?
  • How can I take care of myself?

Close to Me

Learn the benefits of providing kangaroo care (also called "skin-to-skin") for your baby. 

Grandparents in the NICU

This resource for grandparents, created by the March of Dimes, provides information about the important role of grandparents during a baby's stay in the NICU. The guide covers topics including:

  • What are common emotions?
  • How can I support my grandchild's parents?
  • What can I do to help?

Helping Your Older Children Cope

This resource from the March of Dimes helps parents understand common emotions older children may experience during your baby's NICU stay. It explains ways you can help your older children cope and ways you can include your older children in their sibling's care. 

How to Play with Babies

This resource offers ideas on fun ways to interact with your baby in the early months. It also explains signals your baby may use to communicate they need a break from playing. 

Soothing Your Baby

This one-page guide explains the 5 S's for soothing your baby: swaddling, sideline, shushing, swinging/swaying and sucking. 

NICU Volunteers

Volunteers provide positive experiences for patients. Some of the most common ways they provide support include holding patients, providing positive touch (hand hugs), playing, reading books, singing and sitting at the bedside to give parents a break. Volunteers never replace a parent; they are simply there for extra support for you and your baby.

Patients are seen through requests from family’s, clinical assessment of developmental needs or request from bedside nursing. Our best practice is collaborating with our NICU family’s and only providing volunteer visits to those who are welcoming of support. Please let a NICU staff member know if you have personal preferences related to our Volunteer Program.

Please contact your Child Life Specialist with any questions or to enroll your child in the volunteer program: Katelyn Zilles 312.227.3266.

Mental Health Resources

Our resource includes a list of hotlines, online sources of support, and counseling organizations. 

Mental Health Plan

This printable mental health plan from the National Perinatal Association can help you make a plan for your mental health and wellbeing. The plan helps you understand your basic needs, define your support network, and make a plan for what to do if you need help.