Arriving to the NICU

Compass App

Compass by March of Dimes is a new app that supports parents and caregivers on their journey from pregnancy through postpartum by providing answers, resources and compassion at every step. Compass brings together important information and tools that parents can rely on in their first parenting days. 

Compass will feature:

  • Journals and trackers for parents to record feedings, pumping data, kangaroo care time and weight. Information can be displayed on a timeline and through a chart view.
  • A list of questions that parents should ask throughout their journey.
  • A glossary of commonly used terms during pregnancy, in the NICU and in postpartum.
  • Community and resource libraries designed to help with parents' unique experiences and links to March of Dimes communities.
  • A directory for NICU Family Support® hospital partners
  • A postpartum checkup review with questions

You can also access Lurie Children's NICU-specific resources, support, education and more!

NICU Family Resource Packet

Download our NICU information and resource packet (PDF) for detailed information to help you during your stay.

Topics covered include:

  • Contacts, Schedule, and Policies
  • Hospital-Wide Resources
  • NICU Support Team
  • Mental Health and the NICU
  • Governmental Programs and Documents