NICU Resources for Parents & Families

In this section, find helpful information and reference materials related to your child's stay in the NICU.

Arriving to the NICU

  • Compass App
  • NICU Family Resource Packet
  • Team Roles
  • NICU Dictionary

Throughout Your NICU Stay

  • Ideas for bonding with your baby
  • Dads and the NICU
  • Kangaroo Care
  • Grandparents in the NICU
  • Helping your older children cope
  • How to play with babies
  • The 5 S’s
  • Volunteer Program
  • Mental Health Resources
  • My mental health plan
  • Breastfeeding and Pumping Resources
  • Building a Breast Milk Supply

Discharging from the NICU

  • NICU Transition Care Guide
  • Taking your baby home on medical equipment
  • Storage and Transportation of Breast Milk
  • How to Mix Formula

Parent to Parent – NICU Family Partnership Council

  • Parenting in the NICU
  • Navigating the NICU
  • Resources and Support
  • NICU Family Partnership Council Information
  • Lurie Children’s ParentWISE program