Nasal Fracture (Broken Nose)

In some circumstances, after falls or other injuries where the nose is struck, patients may have a nasal fracture (broken nose). Possible signs of nasal fracture include bruising of the nose and under the eyes, nosebleeds after injury, swelling of the nose or a crooked appearance of the nose.

After an injury to the nose, if you suspect that your nose is broken, we recommend you seek care from a healthcare professional. The provider will examine your nose to make sure that there are no findings that need immediate care. If the exam results in no immediate care needs, but fracture is suspected, you may be referred to Otolaryngology (ENT) or Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for an additional exam. Do not delay visiting a provider if a fracture is suspected. Some fractures may not be able to be repaired if seen by a provider too long after injury. It is best to get an appointment within seven days of the suspected fracture.

If a fracture is confirmed, your physician will discuss options for repair. Depending on fracture, you may be able to undergo a closed reduction (where the broken bone is put back into its normal position without making any incisions). In some settings, a more extensive repair may be necessary. Lurie Children’s experts will work together to determine the appropriate treatment for each individual case.