MAACC For Providers

The Mood, Anxiety, ADHD Collaborative Care (MAACC) Program was built around the vision of extending behavioral health capabilities for commonly presenting behavioral health concerns in the primary care setting. Through ongoing education and collaboration with enrolled primary care providers our team works to build capacity for screening, identification, and treatment for mild to moderate anxiety, depression, and ADHD.


Primary care providers continue to oversee all aspects of patient care including medication management. The primary care provider may consult with the MAACC treatment team as needed.

MAACC team (coordinator, psychiatrist, and psychologist) meet and consult regularly to discuss patient progress. This is communicated with the primary care providers.

  • MAACC coordinator will enroll the patient to maintain ongoing contact, collecting progress monitoring measures and communicating information to the family and primary care provider. The care coordinator can also help identify resources, such as therapy.
  • Psychologist consultant will advise the primary care provider on diagnosis and assessment practices as needed.
  • Psychiatric consultant will advise the primary care provider and care team about medical treatment as needed.

Benefits of Participating in MAACC

1. Ability to refer patients for a combined psychologist and psychiatrist team evaluation
2. Quick phone and text-based access to psychiatry and psychology for consultation
     - Support identify best-fit therapy options for your patients
     - Support with prescribing practices for mild to moderate concerns with mood, anxiety, and ADHD concerns
3. Ongoing free continuing medical education (CME) and monthly peer to peer consultation
4. Opportunities Maintenance of Certification Credit (MOC)
5. Newly compiled behavioral resources for you and your patients

Frequently Asked Questions

Commitment to collaborating with Lurie Children's specialists to identify and treat behavioral health concerns. This includes a willingness to help patients access the right therapy treatment and prescribe medications for mild and moderate concerns with indicated.

First enroll in MAACC. Rapid Connect is used to refer patients to MAACC coordinators. MAACC coordinators will then contact the family within 48 hours to register the family and complete insurance authorization.

Comprehensive gold-standard evaluation with diagnostic formularization and treatment recommendations, including therapy and medication management advisement.

Monthly consultation call are opportunities present cases, discuss treatment considerations, and consult with Lurie Children's experts. Question and answer sessions with the MAACC team also occur periodically.