Connect your Dexcom CGM to Lurie Children’s MyChart

We are pleased to announce additional updates to Lurie Children’s MyChart related to our Diabetes Program. We are now able to connect a patient's Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to their MyChart account, which will give the patient's entire Lurie Children’s care team immediate access to their glucose data when you call or reach out with questions. You will also be able to view a patient's data within MyChart, in the same place you access messages, notes, lab results, and other Lurie Children’s information. 

This connection is currently possible for patients using specific devices. We look forward to expanding this functionality to more devices in the future. For those patients who use a Dexcom CGM, paired to an iPhone as CGM receiver, and who have had a blood glucose MyChart connection order placed by Lurie Children's staff, please refer to the following one-time set-up instructions.

Set-up Instructions

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Step-by-Step Guides

For more information on connecting Dexcom CGM to Lurie Children's MyChart, download the instructions below. 

Download iPhone Instructions