Pediatric Heart Conditions

We take specialized and evidence-based approaches to diagnose and treat pediatric heart conditions. The following is a list of heart conditions in children that our team of experts treats. 

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Single Coronary Artery

A very rare congenital cardiac abnormality in which only one artery feeds blood to the heart muscle.

Single Ventricle

A complex congenital heart defect where only one ventricle, instead of two, has formed.

Stickler Syndrome

Hereditary conditions affecting the connective tissues of the body, including eye problems, hearing problems, midfacial underdevelopment, spine problems, and early arthritis.

Supraventricular Tachycardia

An abnormally rapid heart rate originating from the upper chambers of the heart.


The sudden loss of consciousness previously called a swoon but now commonly called a fainting spell.