Head Shape Evaluation Program

Lurie Children's Head Shape Program offers a team of medical and surgical professionals who evaluate and treat infants with cranial asymmetry from any cause, the most common of which is positional plagiocephaly.

During your visit, you will be asked to answer questions about your child's birth history, including birth weight and method of delivery. Then you will meet with team members to determine the extent of the malformation and discuss treatment options and expectations.

Additional studies may be indicated based on your child’s presentation. We will discuss treatment options, which may include changing baby’s position and/or helmet therapy for positional head shape abnormalities. If we find that one or more of the sutures in the skull are fused, then surgical correction to release the fused sutures and remodel the skull to allow more brain growth will be discussed.

We work closely with the Department of Orthotics and Prosthetics and the Department of Physical Therapy to treat children with head shape anomalies. 

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