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Gender Development Resources

We've developed a list of helpful resources for transgender individuals and students, educators, parents and allies in the Chicago area and nationwide. Download the list to find support services, support groups, websites, books and more. 

Gender Development Program Support Services

Looking for mentoring opportunities or support groups? Click here!

In The News

View a list of articles to learn how our work fits into the community and what the media is saying about us. 

Chest Binder Exchange

Lurie Children’s Gender Program has a chest binder exchange. If you have old chest binders that you are no longer using please consider donating them! 

Please note we are not able to mail binders

You can drop them off or mail them to: 
Lurie Children’s Administrative Office c/o Janay Joyce-Ward
1440 N. Dayton Street, 3rd Floor 
Chicago, IL 60642

If you need a binder please take one from the exchange! They are at the front desk, simply ask to see the binders and take one with you today. If you have questions, please e-mail JJoyceWard@luriechildrens.org.​​​

One Lurie Children’s patient shares their experience with chest binders in a touching tribute:

Terminology for Discussing Gender

Lurie Children's staff has developed a set of terminology to provide a shared language and context for the concepts of LGBTQ+.

Additional Community-Compiled Resources & Referrals

The List: a resource list brought to you by The Juniper Center for trans+ folks and the people who support them. 

Educational Programs About Gender

Growing Up Trans: A FRONTLINE Documentary

In 2015, Lurie Children's Gender and Sex Development Program was featured in a FRONTLINE documentary about transgender children, called Growing Up Trans.

Visit PBS.org to watch the documentary and read supplemental materials.

Gender Revolution: A National Geographic Series

Katie Couric hosts a documentary and series of interviews with transgender children, teens and adults, and scientific explanations of what it means to be intersex.

Visit NationalGeographic.com to watch the series and read the January 2017 issue of the magazine.

Teachers and parents who want to discuss the series can download a helpful discussion guide.

Legal Name & Gender Marker Change for Transgender Youth

Having a legal name or gender marker change can be an important step in the transition process for transgender youth. Because of this, Lurie Children’s has created a guide to help educate on the impapct of legal name and gender marker changes for transgender and gender nonconforming youth.

Transgender Athletic Policies

We've compiled a list of resources regarding transgender athletic policies.

Download the informational sheet

On-Campus Resources for LGBT Students

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about applying to and succeeding in college as a LGBT identified person.