After Your Visit with Fetal Health

Each consultation is individualized based on the needs of the baby and where the mother is planning on delivering. We will work to help coordinate the following phases of care.

Pre-Delivery, Delivery & Birth Care

We will coordinate with your obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine physicians to ensure the key people are prepared for the delivery and expected plans for the baby after birth. Some babies go home with their families after birth, while others will need to stay in the NICU at Lurie Children’s or Prentice Women’s Hospital. In addition, as more information becomes available during your pregnancy, our medical directors review that information, adjust the plan as needed, and communicate back to all involved groups, including you.

Outpatient Follow-up Care

Many babies will be able to go home after birth and receive follow-up care as outpatients. Some babies will need evaluation by a specialist, repeat imaging or special testing after birth. The Institute for Fetal Health will work with your pediatrician to ensure your child is receiving the appropriate care. Outpatient care may include follow-up labs, radiology tests and/or office appointments.  

In-Hospital Care

Infants with conditions that require Lurie Children’s pediatric subspecialist expertise, constant monitoring, special testing or a surgical procedure are cared for in Lurie Children’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or the Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) after delivery. Some babies will be cared for in Prentice Women’s Hospital’s NICU by Lurie Children’s neonatologists. Our NICU is connected by bridge to make the transfer of babies delivered at Prentice safer and easier on both the child and the parents.

Under some circumstances, babies may be able to be cared for in their local hospital or NICU. We will help you plan for that care. If necessary, babies can be transported to Lurie Children’s from any delivery hospital.

Our intensive care units are open for parents to visit at any time of day. If a mother cannot visit immediately after delivery or remains hospitalized, we have a program in place for some delivery hospitals to allow mothers to connect with their babies via a secure video feed. 

Baby Care Connect allows moms who are still recovering after childbirth to have a video visit with their infants at Lurie Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit (CCU). Using iPads with a secure Polycom app, these moms can participate in family-centered rounds and discussions with the care team while also visiting with their child.

A mother and her newborn using our Baby Care Connect system.​

Baby Care Connect is currently available at:

  • Prentice Women’s Hospital
  • The Regenstein CCU at Lurie Children's
  • West Suburban Medical Center


The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health and your consultants are available to answer any questions that you have as the pregnancy progresses or after birth. You can contact our team at 1.866.338.2524 (1.866.FETAL24) or, and we will get you the answer to your question.