Care Team of Experts

At The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health, our comprehensive team works together to develop the best plan for every baby. Our Fetal Health Advisory Group is a multidisciplinary group of specialists that meets regularly to discuss patient cases, develop treatment plans that incorporate all aspects of care and communicate those plans to your care providers throughout your pregnancy.

Our team also works closely with Lurie Children’s social workers and child life specialists to address the non-medical needs of our patients and families.





Aimen Shaaban, MD 

Director, The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health


Bradley Albers, MD 

Co-Director, Fetal Anesthesia 


Nina Gotteiner, MD 

Co-Director, Fetal Cardiology





Sheetal Patel, MD, MCSI 

Co-Director, Fetal Cardiology

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

William Grobman, MD 

Co-Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine





Priya Rajan, MD 

Fetal/Maternal-Fetal Medicine





Moeun Son, MD 

Fetal/Maternal-Fetal Medicine


Nicolas F. M. Porta, MD 

Co-Director, Fetal Neonatology





Megan A. Coghlan, MD 

Fetal Neonatology





Jessica T. Fry, MD 

Fetal Neonatology and Perinatal Palliative Care





Aaron Hamvas, MD 

Division Head, Neonatology, Fetal Neonatology





Natalia Henner, MD 

Fetal Neonatology, Fetal Palliative Care





Megan Lagoski, MD 

Fetal Neonatology





Kerri Machut, MD

Fetal Neonatology





Marta Perez, MD 

Fetal Neonatology


Jerome Lane, MD 

Fetal Nephrology


Andrea Pardo, MD

Fetal Neurology 


Robin Bowman, MD 

Co-Director, Fetal Neurosurgery


Amy Haeger, FNP 

Director, Nursing





Mary Kamvisis, MSN, RNC-NIC

Manager, The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health

Pediatric Surgery

Erin Rowell, MD 

Co-Director, Pediatric Surgery

Social Work

Bridget Doyle, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Edward Gong, MD 

Co-Director, Fetal Urology