Fetal Conditions Treated

Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive innovative fetal and maternal care that is at the forefront of fetal medicine. Through the use of cutting-edge diagnostics and advanced fetal interventions, we are able to offer care for the full spectrum of fetal  conditions and are often able to provide new hope to mothers and families.

Some of the conditions our team treats include:

Other conditions treated are included below. If your baby’s diagnosis is not on this list, please contact us at 1.866.338.2524 (1.866.FETAL24) or fetalhealth@luriechildrens.org, and we would be happy to send you more information.

Complicated Twin & Triplet Pregnancies

Fetal Brain Conditions

Fetal Face & Head Conditions

Fetal Neck Conditions

  • Achondroplasia (dwarfism)
  • Craniosynostosis
  • Fetal EXIT procedures
  • Lymphatic malformations/cystic hygroma
  • Neck masses
  • Skeletal dysplasia

Fetal Spine Conditions

Fetal Chest Conditions

Fetal Abdomen Conditions

Fetal Bone Conditions

  • Achondroplasia (dwarfism)
  • Skeletal dysplasia

Fetal Heart Conditions

Fetal Kidney, Urinary Tract & Genitalia Conditions

Fetal Arm, Leg & Feet (Extremities) Conditions

Fetal Genetic Conditions

Fetal & Placental Tumors

  • Chorioangioma
  • Sacrococcygeal teratoma
  • Fetal head and neck tumors
  • Cervical teratoma
  • Cervical lymphatic malformation
  • Epignatus

Fetal Infections