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Fertility & Hormone Preservation & Restoration Research & Resources


Our program participates in research to advance the field of fertility and hormone preservation and restoration to provide future options for our patients. Current studies include:

  • The National Physicians Cooperative, part of the Oncofertility Consortium, is a nation-wide collaboration of physicians whose mission is to protect and preserve reproductive health through the continuum of care and across the lifespan of patients. This is an NIH funded program that began at Northwestern University.
  • Ovarian Reserve After Cancer: Longitudinal Effects (ORACLE), which observes for changes in ovarian function during and after treatment for cancer. This study is in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania.


Monica Laronda, PhD, is the Director of Basic and Translational Research for the Fertility & Hormone Preservation & Restoration program. She is a reproductive endocrinologist who studies the mechanisms of fertility and hormone restoration. Her research aims to reveal critical insights about new ways to improve fertility preservation. Dr. Laronda's work was recently published in the journal Nature. Her work was also featured on WTTW-TV's Chicago TonightScience Daily, and Canada's CTV News​. Learn more about Dr. Laronda's research.



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