Dry Skin

A child’s skin is more sensitive and delicate than an adult’s and can get overly dry for several reasons. Dryness may be caused by or accompanied by several behaviors, environmental factors or health conditions.

It is usually the result of extended or overly warm bathing or vigorous scrubbing, cold, dry outdoor air (or indoor heating)

Cracks can sometimes form on hands, feet or lips. Cracks on the heels and toes can form when wearing wet, sweaty socks or from a lot of swimming.

Careful cleansing, application of creams or ointments and bandaging if necessary is important when cracking is present.

Known irritants, such as perfumes, fragrances and scented laundry detergents should also be avoided.

Dry and itchy skin can also be the result of conditions such as eczema. Your doctor will be able to identify the source and prescribe treatment.

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