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Autism Resources

After Receiving an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Diagnosis 

These resources are part of a new diagnosis folder provided to families if their child receives an ASD diagnosis. They may also be applicable as you wait for an appointment with a Developmental Pediatrician.

  • Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics: A Family Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder | English / Spanish
  • Genetic Testing Fact Sheet: English / Spanish
  • Rehabilitation Resource List: English / Spanish
  • Information on Resources and Community Organizations (Chicago) | English / Spanish
  • Information on Resources and Community Organizations (Chicago suburbs) | English / Spanish
  • Special Recreation Associations:
    • What is a special recreation association (SRA)?
      • A special recreation association (SRA) is a cooperative formed by 2 or more park districts or municipalities to provide recreation for their residents with disabilities. Similar to the park district and village recreation departments, programs are offered year-round in the park district facilities as well as private facilities such as theaters, bowling alleys, churches, etc. (Information from Special Recreation Association Network of Illinois)
    • Where to find your local SRA:
      • Chicago Park District Special Recreation - Program Overview | English / Spanish
      • Chicago Park District Special Recreation - Locations and Contact Information | English
      • Special Recreational Associations - Locations and Contact Information (Chicago suburbs) | English
  • Swim Classes | English / Spanish
  • Consider checking if you’re eligible for and applying for the following benefits:
    • PUNS: See more information about PUNS here and how to apply here.
    • SSI: Social Security (SSI) Factsheet | English / Spanish
  • Practicing Kindness & Awareness: Autism Edition