Daily Bowel Management Program

The surgical team at Lurie Children’s is committed to helping your child before, during and after their procedure to treat a colorectal condition. Some children with surgical colorectal conditions will need a daily bowel management plan.

The goal for patients with surgical colorectal conditions is to have soft, easily passed stools daily and avoid constipation within the first three to four years of life. Chronic constipation will lead to colon/rectum dilation, and this will produce large, bulky stools that are difficult and sometimes painful to pass. Once the child has reached 3-4 years of age, our team will begin to work more closely with you and your child to assist in toilet training

What to Expect

Before and after surgery, our APNs meet with patients during their appointments to help develop a personalized daily bowel management plan.

Our APNs are also available during a patient’s time in the hospital to make sure they’re receiving the best possible patient-centered care. A dietician, social worker and multi-lingual interpreters are also part of the care team.


Children with surgical colorectal conditions may have difficulty with constipation and/or have urine and stool accidents. To help these children, we created a program called CHAAMPS (Colorectal conditions, Hirschsprung’s disease, Anorectal malformations and Associated spinal cord anomalies, Managed by Pediatric Surgery) Bowel Management Program. CHAAMPS takes a multifaceted approach at helping children who have had colorectal surgeries achieve social continence. Learn more about CHAAMPS.

As part of CHAAMPS, we also developed a week-long intensive program called CHAAMPS Camp, which is based on Dr. Alberto Pena’s “Bowel Management Program.” In this referral-based program, a multidisciplinary team will work with the patient and their family to make daily adjustments to an individualized plan. This program also includes a lecture series and social support groups for children and parents. Learn more about CHAAMPS Camp.


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