Tube Feeding

Tube feeding can be a healthy decision for individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF) who are not able to achieve robust nutrition by eating alone. The decision to use tube feeding is never easy. Lurie Children's has developed a video series to help children and adults with CF, and their families, make an informed decision.

Our videos showcase patients and families who have navigated this difficult decision and the health benefits that followed. Topics include:

  • Struggles to gain weight
  • Emotional reaction to the “tube feeding talk”
  • Deciding factors
  • Benefits that go beyond weight gain
  • Pros and cons of tube feeding

Watch the Videos

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View the overvi​ew video above, and then select a patient to learn more about their experience with tube feeding.

To order DVD copies of "Tube Feeding and Cystic Fibrosis," e-mail CF Services at or call 800.541.4959.

See more patient testimonials and learn about everyday life with feeding tubes by reading our guide, Supporting Nutrition: Understanding Tube Feeding.

Learn more about the insertion and long-term care for feeding tubes​ in the Department of General Pediatric Surgery.