Hepatobiliary Surgery & Transplantation Research

Clinical Research is important because it helps health care providers have a better understanding of diseases and how to treat them. At Lurie Children’s, we are actively committed to advancing the field of pediatric hepatobiliary surgery and transplantation. Through our own research initiatives, contribution to multi-centered studies/consortiums and active participation at national and international conferences and symposiums our providers are on the forefront of the new knowledge and technology available in their specialty. Our highly experienced group of physicians and clinical staff are dedicated to applying this knowledge and skill to provide innovative care for your child.

Areas of Research

Outcome Research

This type of research looks at patient data to derive evidence-based practices on how to best diagnose, treat and manage diseases and complications. Areas of interest for our center’s outcome research include:


Prospective Research

Prospective research asks patient to participate in collecting information about their condition over period of time. Areas of interest for our center’s prospective research include:

  • Minimal hepatic encephalopathy in portal vein thrombosis patients and Abernethy patients
  • Nutrition and growth in portal vein thrombosis patients


Multi-center Studies & Consortiums

Multi-center studies are important because the collaboration allows multiple centers to combine data from more patients and compare data between centers. We are actively engaged in several multi-centered studies and consortiums including:


Randomized Controlled Trials

Randomized controlled trials are research studies that assigns patients randomly (by chance) to receive a clinical intervention. This is the best way to look at the safety and efficacy of new treatments, new drugs or new indications for the use of a drug.


Our providers regularly present and share their research at national and international conferences and are published in leading academic journals. View a list of recent publications.