Comprehensive Cardiac Consultation Programs

When your child has been diagnosed with a heart condition - whether in utero or at a later stage - and surgical procedures or interventions are recommended, you may wish to get a second opinion from highly respected health professionals. Most physicians encourage second and even third opinions, especially when it involves major heart surgery. 

Lurie Children's offers two multidisciplinary programs that include cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, neonatologists (when appropriate), cardiac intensivists (cardiologists with additional training in critical care) and cardiac advanced practice registered nurses. 

The Comprehensive Cardiac Consultation Programs are designed for two kinds of patients. Learn more about the available programs below. 

  • The Fetal Cardiology Program is focused on infants still in utero who have been diagnosed with congenital heart defects and whose parents are seeking the best possible care and surgical treatment for the infant. Learn more about the program

  • The Priority Second Opinion Program is for individuals with existing diagnosed heart defects who are looking for the best possible management and surgical treatment of their condition. Learn more about the program

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