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Cochlear Implant Patient Stories

Learn more about how our patients are doing over the long term, after implantation. These stories can give you an idea of how a child's future may look after receiving cochlear implants at Lurie Children's. 

Aashman has transitioned to his mainstream school, is taking advanced math class and loves outdoor activities and sports. Read his story

Matthew received cochlear implants as a child at Lurie Children's. As a student at St. Charles East High School, Matthew joined the volleyball team, Key Club and DECA Business Club, all while maintaining a 4.6 GPA. He is now a freshman at Illinois State University, majoring in marketing and finance. Read his story.  

Hayden received his first implant at age 1 and his second implant at age 3. Now, as an energetic 10-year-old, he plays the viola, enjoys tennis and swimming, and loves to read, write stories and draw. Read his story.

Max was born profoundly deaf. Today, however, the 12-year-old speaks perfectly, is mainstreamed in school and loves to play lacrosse and basketball. When he was just over six months old, Max’s ears were both surgically implanted with a cochlear implant, an electronic device that allowed him to hear, learn to understand speech and speak clearly. Read his story.