Positive Parenting

The Protective Services Team at Lurie Children’s has developed the Positive Parenting Zone program to help parents and caregivers learn positive parenting skills.

Positive Parenting Zone

Being a parent can be challenging. Parents and caregivers need to set limits for kids in safe and healthy ways. When you are here or at home, you can practice positive parenting in the following ways:

  • Praise, nurture and guide your child
  • Let him know you love them no matter what they do
  • Listen to them and accept their feelings
  • Praise good behavior
  • Be consistent
  • Set positive, daily routines

Discipline That Works

Physically disciplining your child by spanking or hitting is not effective. The following methods may be used instead:

  • Distraction. Try to redirect your child's attention.
  • Providing immediate and logical consequences for behavior.
  • Offering choices. Point out unacceptable behavior and offer an alternative.
  • Time outs. Use time-outs to help your child cool down.
  • Sticker charts. Encourage positive new habits and stop hard-to-break ones with a sticker chart.
  • House rules. Agree on rules and discipline as a family.
  • Waiting until you are calm to discipline your child.

Remember that your child learns by watching you. Be a good model and manage your anger. Pay attention to your body and signs of growing anger. Cool down by exercising, taking deep breaths, walking away; talking to a partner, friend or relative; or by writing down your feelings.

Our hospital's staff does not condone negative parenting behaviors, including:

  • Hitting
  • Using angry language with your child
  • Other forms of corporal punishment

For more information, contact Family Services​ Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 312.227.3934.