Expectant Parents & Newborn Care at Chicago Area Pediatrics

Congratulations! We welcome you and your growing family. We’ve consolidated helpful resources below to help you learn about pre-registration, picking a pediatrician and preparing for your baby.  

Prenatal Visits

We want you to find a pediatrician that feels like the best fit for your family. We offer prenatal visits for families to get the opportunity to see our office and meet a pediatrician. You may call our office to schedule a 15 minute prenatal visit, 312.227.1160.

You may also visit Our Providers page to view each of their profile videos.

Pre-Registration Process Before Delivery

Expectant families will pre-register in two separate locations prior to delivery. Please review our Pre-Registration Tip Sheet to learn how to register with your delivery hospital and Chicago Area Pediatrics.  

Download Pre-Registration Tip Sheet

Chicago Area Pediatrics’ Visits at Delivery Hospital

NorthShore University Health System: Evanston Hospital: If you will be delivering at Evanston Hospital, one of our pediatricians will visit you and your newborn in the hospital and manage your child’s care. Evanston Hospital requires that you select a pediatrician before your delivery and will notify us when your child is born.

All Other Hospitals: If you do not deliver at NorthShore University HealthSystem, no need to worry. While we will not be able to visit you at the hospital, a pediatrician at your hospital will instruct you to follow up with us after discharge.  Please request a copy of your notes to be faxed to our office (312.227.9680) You may also request a physical copy you can bring to your appointment.

Schedule of Newborn Visits

Newborns visit their pediatricians frequently during their first few months of life. The focus of these appointments is to monitor their health, growth and development, and any medical needs. For more information what to expect in each of your visits, refer to our Well-Visit and Immunization Schedule. 

Download Well-Visit & Immunization Schedule