Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Resources

By now you may have heard that your baby has a condition called BPD, or Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. We understand this is a challenging time and may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information shared by medical providers. At Lurie Children’s and Northwestern Memorial Hospitals, our comprehensive BPD team delivers high-quality care to babies diagnosed with BPD. Our experienced BPD medical providers, combined with dedicated nursing, support and research teams, focus on improving outcomes for your baby and providing family-centered care.

Our goal is to empower parents and caregivers by sharing important information about their child’s health. The following topics are for educational purposes only and are not intended to offer or recommend medical advice. Please refer any questions, concerns, or requests regarding the care of your baby to your primary medical team.

You can download the BPD Patient Education Handbook as a PDF file (also available in Spanish), or read the information on our website below:

BPD Resources
What is BPD?
BPD Associated Problems
Respiratory Outcomes
Non-Invasive Respiratory Support
Invasive Respiratory Support
Pulmonary Hypertension
Feeding your Baby
Feeding Tubes
Pain Control
Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)
Research in BPD
Your Baby’s Development
Home Mechanical Ventilation
Your Road Home
Genetic Testing
Your Baby’s Nutrition and Growth


The following specialists contributed to the information presented in the Resources section of our website.

Natalia Henner, MD
Karna Murthy, MD, MSc

Jennifer Bathgate, RD
Jennifer Beier, APN
Ryan Carpenter, MD
Bimal Chaudhari, MD, MPH
Ankur Datta, MD, MS
Sabrina Derrington, MD
Gustave Falciglia, MD, MSc, MS
Denise Goodman, MD
Arika Gupta, MD
Aaron Hamvas, MD
Amanda Hauck, MD
Natalia Henner, MD
Shayna Hibbs, MD, MSc
Sue Horner, APN
Lisa Krick, RN
Megan Lagoski, MD
Beth Laubenstein, RN
Kerri Machut, MD
Julie May, RN
Karen Mestan, MD
Carol Millunchik, RN
Karna Murthy, MD, MSc
Sarah Neault, APN
Marta Perez, MD
Nicolas Porta, MD, MSc
Suma Rao-Gupta, MPH, MBA
Mary Robbins, MD
Daniel Robinson, MD, MSc
Stephannie Voller, MD
Hawke Yoon, MD