Aural (Re)Habilitation Therapy Program

Our aural (re)habilitation therapists specialize in helping children with hearing loss maximize the benefit they receive from their hearing aids or cochlear implants. The goal of aural (re)habilitation is to assist your child in the development of their listening, speech and language skills. Our speech-language pathologists are part of Lurie Children’s multidisciplinary Cochlear Implant Program, and they work closely with families and specialists such as audiologists, ENTs, teachers and therapists to meet your child’s needs.

When your child receives hearing aids and/or cochlear implants, they are introduced to a new world of sound and are given new opportunities to listen. Intensive and ongoing therapy and family involvement are essential to help your child achieve their maximum potential. We are proud to have certified listening and spoken language specialists (LSLS Cert.) on our staff. These aural (re)habilitation specialists help support a variety of communication approaches, including:

  • Total communication
  • Auditory-oral
  • Auditory-verbal
  • Augmentative and alternative communication

What to Expect at an Evaluation

During the evaluation, our aural (re)habilitation specialists will assess your child’s listening, speech and language skills. Formal (standardized tests) and informal assessments in various areas of communication will be completed to determine your child’s current skill levels. The evaluation results will be used to determine recommendations and goals for therapy. It is important that you bring your child’s functioning hearing aid(s) and/or cochlear implant(s) to the evaluation session, otherwise the assessments cannot be completed and your appointment may need to be re-scheduled.


Aural habilitation may be recommended following evaluation and insurance approval. The frequency and duration of treatment will be determined after the evaluation. There are several factors that contribute to a child’s success with hearing aids/cochlear implants such as:

  • Age at implantation
  • Previous listening experience
  • Presence of other learning disabilities
  • Educational and therapeutic environment
  • Family involvement in aural habilitation

For success in therapy, it is critical that you:

  • Encourage your child to wear their hearing aids/cochlear implants during all waking hours
  • Bring your child to therapy sessions and be an active participant
  • Carry-over the techniques, strategies and language demonstrated in therapy sessions

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, first obtain an order or referral from your primary care physician, and then call 1.800.543.7362 (1.800.KIDS DOC) to schedule.

Contact Us

To learn more about aural (re)habilitation evaluations and therapy at Lurie Children’s, please call us at 312.227.6320 or e-mail us at and ask to be connected with one of our aural (re)habilitation specialists. 

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