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Meet Our Adolescent Medicine Trainers

Hadeis Safi


Hadeis is one of the LGBTQ and Gender Inclusion training facilitators, and they also coordinate the program. Hadeis' background working in advocacy and LGBTQ+ equity spans back over 10 years of work in and out of Chicagoland. For trainings/professional development, Hadeis uses their experience as a non-binary person of color to build reference for attendees. Hadeis also manages the Community Programs team, including the HIV/STI Screening program, the Mobile Health Program, and the MAP (Mobile Access to PrEP) Program.

Dawn Ravine


Dawn is the Sexuality Education Program Coordinator. She works with staff and community partners to bring high-quality, youth centered, LGBTQIA inclusive, culturally responsive, sexuality education programming to young people of all ages. Dawn's facilitated sexuality education with youth for over 20 years and provided professional development workshops for over 10. She's passionate about the role that supportive adults (e.g. parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors) can play in access to shame-free sexual health information for young people!

Okwuchi “Chi” Onwubu


Chi is an Americorps health educator, and is excited to be working with Lurie Children's this year! She has a background in sexual & reproductive healthcare as well as education, and is passionate about working with young people to help connect them to reproductive health services. At Lurie Children's, Chi is responsible for facilitating workshops not only on these topics, but provides substance use education as well.

Saleha Ayaan (Sal) Salam


Saleha is a queer, trans woman of color who works as one of the LGBTQ and Gender Inclusion training facilitators. Saleha has a background in education and advocacy and is passionate about work that centers intersectional goals of equity and progress and empowers marginalized communities. Aside from her work in training facilitation, Saleha also coordinates the HIV/STI Testing Program at The Potocsnak Family Division of Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine.

Adam Davies, BS


Adam is a queer, non-binary individual who facilitates sex education, including our trans specific sex ed, LGBTQ and Gender 101 trainings, and specialized trainings on providing trans inclusive sexual and medical health care for trans youth. Adam recently graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor's in Social Policy and Gender Studies and has a research background in education policy for LGBTQ youth. They are passionate about increasing access to healthcare, especially sexual health, for transgender and intersex youth. Aside from facilitating trainings, Adam supports The Potocsnak Family Division of Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine in a variety of ways, including creating program & policy documents, creating presentations & educational materials, and HIV/STI testing.

Jennifer Leininger


Jennifer is the Associate Director of the Community Programs & Initiatives team. She has over ten years of experience in the nonprofit field focusing on educational program development and implementation for over 10 years. In September 2019 Jennifer was appointed to the Illinois Affirming and Inclusive School Task Force by Governor JB Pritzker which produced robust policy guidelines for schools across the state.  In her current role, Jennifer facilitates professional development related to LGBTQ+ and gender inclusion and supports the ongoing inclusion technical assistance (such as policy development) that is offered by the program.