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Orthotics & Prosthetics

The pediatric orthotics team at Lurie Children's combines science and innovative techniques to create customized prosthetics and leg braces for children.

Os Trigonum Syndrome

When a small bone in the back of the ankle and its tendons are injured, inflamed and painful by repeated pointing of the toes, as in soccer, basketball and dance.

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Irritation and inflammation of the growth plate at the top of the shin bone, where the patella tendon inserts, commonly occurring in children between 9 and 15.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is sometimes called brittle bone disease. It is a genetic disorder that affects the quality (and sometimes the quantity) of the bone. Learn more.

Osteogenic Sarcoma

One of the most common types of bone cancer in children usually occurring in the long bones, such as the arms, legs and pelvis.

Osteoid Osteoma

An osteoid osteoma is a common, benign (non-cancerous) tumor that usually develops in the long bones of the leg – the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia). Learn more.


An infection in the bone, usually in the long bones but can affect any bone in the body, most commonly in premature infants and babies born with complications.

Otitis Media (Ear Infection)

Inflammation of the middle ear, often occurring with a viral upper respiratory tract illness, and is one of the most common diagnoses for U.S. children.

Otorrhea (Ear Drainage)

Otorrhea, or drainage from the ear, can occur after a ruptured ear drum from an acute ear infection, if the ear(s) become infected after tympanostomy tube (ear tube) placement, and from external ear infections.

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Lurie Children's Outpatient Psychiatric Services Program provides more than 18,000 clinical visits yearly, for anxiety disorders, psychoses, behavior problems, school problems, affective disorders, PTSD, developmental delay and adjustment problems.

Ovarian Cryopreservation Procedure

Ovarian cryopreservation for fertility is a procedure needed due to childhood cancer treatment. Learn more about ovarian tissue freezing here.

Ovarian Cysts

An accumulation of fluid in the ovary encapsulated inside a thin wall of tissue, very common especially in women of childbearing age, and usually harmless.