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Female Athlete Triad

A syndrome consisting of three related conditions: disordered eating habits, irregular or absent menstrual periods, and osteopenia (thinning of the bones).

Femoral Anteversion

A common developmental problem in children, also called intoeing, where the top of the thigh bone (femur) is rotated, causing the foot to turn in.

Fertility & Hormone Preservation & Restoration Program

Lurie Children’s fertility program is the only one of its kind for pediatric patients in the state of Illinois, offering solutions to both male and female cancer survivors with fertility issues.

Fetal & Neonatal Cardiology

The Fetal Cardiology Program ensures that families expecting a baby with heart concerns receive the best diagnostic and counseling care available.

Fetal Abdominal Cysts

A liquid-filled structure seen within a baby’s abdomen, usually found on routine ultrasound, the location often suggesting from which organ in the abdomen the cyst originates.

Fetal Chronic Idiopathic Pseudo-obstruction

A disorder in which part of the intestines function poorly as if they are obstructed, but there is no mechanical cause for the dysfunction.

Fetal Craniosynostosis

A congenital defect characterized by the bones of the skull closing too early, before brain growth is complete. The brain then grows into areas of the skull that have not yet closed.

Fetal Duplication of Collection Systems

The development of two ureters for one kidney, each one draining separately into the bladder, often associated with fetal ureterocele, a malformation of the ureter entering the bladder.

Fetal Echocardiogram

A fetal echocardiogram (or “echo”) is a specialized ultrasound (“sono”) examination of the unborn baby’s heart.

Fetal Gastroschisis

A congenital defect in a baby's abdominal wall that allows the infant's intestines to protrude into the amniotic sac, causing them to cease their normal movement.

Fetal Health

The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health offers comprehensive pre-birth counseling and pediatric care planning for pregnant women with fetal complications.

Fetal Hernia/Hydrocele

During fetal development, a sac surrounding an infant's normally descending sexual organs does not close, allowing the intestine to bulge through the opening, or fluid build-up.