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    Learn about warts, common skin growths caused by a virus, their appearance, and potential treatments.

  • Condition

    Webbed Penis

    A condition, either present at birth or occasionally as a complication of circumcision, in which scrotum skin is attached too high on the underside of the penile shaft.

  • Program

    Wellness & Weight Management Program

    Lurie Children’s provides compassionate and comprehensive care for children and teenagers who are overweight and want to make healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Condition

    Williams Syndrome

    Williams syndrome is a genetic condition that impacts many different body systems, although the symptoms, medical concerns and their severity vary widely. Learn more.

  • Program

    Williams Syndrome Program

    Williams syndrome is a genetic condition that is caused by a missing segment of genetic material (DNA) in one of our chromosomes. Our genes are made of DNA, which is packaged into the chromosomes. Each gene has instructions for making a specific product our body needs to grow and function. Missing DNA is called a deletion. When some of the...

  • Condition

    Wilms Tumor

    Also called nephroblastoma, a cancerous tumor originating in the cells of the kidney.

  • Condition

    Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS)

    An extremely rare condition typified by the presence of eczema, thrombocytopenia (low number of blood platelets) and immune deficiency (causing severe infections).

  • Condition

    Wound Healing Disorders

    Wounds — breaking the skin surface — can be caused by many things, from accidents to surgeries, but the body’s process of healing is common to all.

  • Treatment

    Wound, Ostomy, Gastrostomy & Cecostomy Tube Care

    Lurie Children’s has a team of advanced practiced nurses (APNs) all certified in wound and ostomy care.

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