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Safety & Well-Being (SAW) Clinic

The Safety and Well-Being (SAW) Clinic at Lurie Children's provides a wide range of clinical services and support to patients and families in cases where child maltreatment is either suspected or has been identified. Learn more.

Salter-Harris I Fracture of the Distal Fibula

A fracture that goes through the plane of the growth plate of the ankle, without injuring the mature bone, the mildest fracture that can occur to a growth plate.

Sarcoma Program

Lurie Children’s sarcoma team offers comprehensive multidisciplinary care for children and adolescents diagnosed with bone and soft tissue sarcomas.

Scaphoid Fracture

A break in one of the eight small bones of the wrist, most often occurring during a fall when the landing point is on the base of the outstretched hand.

Scleroderma Syndromes

A group of rare, chronic, possibly autoimmune diseases which are typically characterized by excessive deposits of collagen in the skin or other organs.


Scoliosis is a spine condition causing the back to curve to the side. Learn more about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis in children.

Scoliosis Program

Our Scoliosis Program is staffed by pediatric scoliosis specialists that provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care, evaluation and management of scoliosis.

Second Opinions

Consider getting a second opinion from the pediatric specialists at Lurie Children's. A second opinion can offer peace of mind that your child is receiving appropriate medical care.

Seizures in Children

A seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance occurring in the brain. There are many different types of seizures. Learn more.

Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction (sIUGR)

Selective intrauterine growth restriction (sIUGR) is a condition that complicates 10-15% of monochorionic twin pregnancies, where unequal sharing of a single placenta causes inadequate growth in one twin.

Sensory Processing Disorders

Conditions in which the child has problems processing and organizing sensation coming from the body and the environment.

Septic Arthritis

A condition in which the joints, especially the hips, knees, and ankles are attacked by microorganisms, causing the destruction of cartilage and bone.