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Hand & Wrist Tendon Injuries

Injuries to the tendons of the hand and wrist can be caused by several things, from repetitive motion to tears to deep lacerations.

Head & Neck Malignancies

Starting in the moist, mucous surfaces inside the mouth, nose, and throat, called “squamous cells.” More rarely, also starting in the salivary glands.

Head & Neck Surgery Program

The Lurie Children’s Head & Neck Surgery Program is a national leader in the treatment of children with congenital and acquired lesions of the head, neck, and face.

Head Injuries (Head Trauma)

Usually classified as “closed” — a blow to the head which does not break the skull, and “open” or penetrating — where an object breaks through the skull and enters the brain.

Head Lice

Insects that invade the scalp and cause the child to itch and scratch the scalp. Lice eggs (nits) firmly attach to the hair and appear as small white dots.

Head Shape Anomalies

In the first two years of age, a child's skull is soft and vulnerable, leaving them at risk for developing abnormal head shapes. If untreated, these may cause medical issues later.

Head Shape Evaluation Program

Lurie Children's Head Shape Program offers a team of medical and surgical professionals who evaluate and treat infants with cranial asymmetry from any cause.


Pain or discomfort in the head or face area, headaches can be single or recurrent in nature and localized to one or more areas. In children, most are migraine or tension-type.

Hearing Aids

Any child who has a hearing loss that may interfere with speech and language development, or who has a loss that interferes with their classroom performance, may need to wear a hearing aid.

Heart Attack

Heart attack in teens is rare, but congenital heart conditions can cause sudden cardiac arrest. We diagnose and treat these conditions.

Heart Failure

We treat heart failure in children by learning the underlying cause. We have the latest medications and even offer heart transplant for those who need it.

Heart Murmur

Heart murmur is the sound of blood flow in the chest heard through a stethoscope, and does not necessarily mean an abnormality. Learn about heart murmurs in kids.