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Fabry Disease

Fabry disease is a rare genetic disease that runs in families. People affected by the disease cannot breakdown (metabolize) a fat called globotriaosylcermide (GL3). Read more.

Facial Paralysis in Children

A condition that may be present at birth, such as Moebius syndrome, or acquired later, such as following removal of facial tumors near the nerves that move the facial muscles.

Facial Trauma

Facial trauma includes any injury to the face including the bones of the upper face and jaw, or lower jaw, caused by blunt force or be the result of a wound caused by car crash, sports, etc.

Failure to Thrive

A condition that occurs when a baby does not gain weight and grow normally; caused by many factors, including disease or poor nutrition.

Families with Cardiomyopathy Clinic

Lurie Children's Families with Cardiomyopathy Clinic offers evaluation and treatment for patients with familial cardiomyopathy. In our unique approach, the whole family is seen during the same clinic visit.

Fanconi Anemia

A bone-marrow-failure disorder that may cause deformities and abnormalities throughout the body.

Febrile Seizure

A febrile seizure is a seizure that occurs in a child with a fever or elevated temperature. Learn more.

Feed & Swaddle for MRI and CT Exams

For infants referred to Lurie Children's for an MRI or CT exam, we use a technique called "feed and swaddle" to help babies remain still for the exam without having to give them medication or anesthesia

Feeding & Swallowing Problems

Both behavioral and physiological issues can affect childhood eating, resulting in either the refusal or inability to eat foods normally.

Feeding & Swallowing Therapy

If your child is experiencing feeding and/or swallowing difficulties, Lurie Children's Feeding & Swallowing Therapy specialists can assess your child's eating and develop a plan for treatment.

Feeding & Swallowing Therapy Program

If your child is experiencing feeding and/or swallowing difficulties, schedule an evaluation with a speech-language pathologist with Lurie Children's Feeding & Swallowing Therapy Program to develop a plan for treatment.

Feeding Aversion/Disorder

Including the inability or refusal to eat certain foods, possibly leading to nutrition problems and other developmental and psychological issues.