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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay/Nursing Caries

A condition, sometimes referred to as “bottle mouth,” indicated by discoloration and pitting of the front teeth, occuring when infants are allowed to sleep with a bottle.

Back Pain

A common complaint, affecting 8 in 10 individuals during their lives, ranging from dull and constant to sharp and sudden, known as “chronic” if lasting more than three months and “acute” if less.

Basics of Caring for a Child with Feeding Tubes

Children with feeding tubes need care tailored to their specific needs. Learn about Lurie Children's recommendations for caring for children with feeding tubes.

Batten Disease

A group of diseases including late infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, a neurodegenerative disease causing cognitive impairment, vision loss, seizures and poor motor function.

Bee Sting/Insect Sting Allergy

Reaction usually occurring the second time a child is stung, as the body’s immune system, which normally fights infections, overreacts to the insect's venom.

Benign (Noncancerous) Brain Tumors

Slow-growing tumors not likely to spread, which can often be treated and/or removed. Though called “benign,” can still cause severe pain, brain damage, and do occasionally become malignant.

Bicuspid Aortic Valve

Most common form of congenital heart disease, the valve is malformed and opens abnormally, becomes obstructed, or leaks, increasing the risk of an enlarged aorta, aneurysm, dissection, or rupture.

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Program

Lurie Children’s Heart Center monitors and cares for more than 100 infants, children and teenagers with bicuspid aortic valve disease, the most common form of congenital heart disease.

Biliary Atresia

A chronic, progressive liver disease where bile ducts that are located inside or outside the liver are blocked, not allowing bile to leave the liver, causing damage and loss of vital body functions.

Binder's Syndrome

A rare congenital condition, also known as maxillonasal dysplasia, in which the bones of the face are underdeveloped, causing a sunken mid-face and an extremely flattened nose.

Black Eye (Ecchymosis)

Usually occurring from some type of trauma to the eye, causing the tissue around the eye to become bruised.

Bladder Exstrophy

A severe deformity of the bladder requiring major reconstructive surgery at delivery.

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