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Normal tracheal cartilages are round, and because of this shape, they can withstand positive pressure forces without collapsing.

TransMentor Program

Housed within Lurie Children's Gender & Sex Development Program, the TransMentor Program pairs transgender, gender expansive and gender questioning youth ages 13-20 with trans and gender expansive adults.

Transient Synovitis Hip

An irritation of the lining of the hip generally occurring in children between three and 12 years old.

Transitioning to Adult Care

Lurie Children's Chronic Care Transition Team helps teenage patients ease into their new surroundings, ensuring continued access to high-quality health care into their adulthood.


Lurie Children's has a leading transplant center with high rates of graft success and survival in children.

Transposition of the Great Arteries

Occurring when the positions of the pulmonary artery and the aorta are reversed.

Transverse Myelitis

A condition in which both sides of one segment of the spinal cord become inflamed, causing weakness, abnormal sensation, and loss of control beyond that point.

Trauma Center

Lurie Children's is a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, staffed and equipped to handle the most severely injured children. We see more than 800 trauma victims each year.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Any damage to the brain caused by either impact with or by an object or a sudden acceleration or deceleration in the cranium.

Treacher Collins Syndrome

Also called mandibulofacial dysostosis or Franceschetti-Zwalen-Klein syndrome, a congenital defect in which the bones of the face, jaw, and skull are malformed.

Treatment Groups for Children with Mental Health Conditions

Lurie Children's has developed group settings to help children work through issues together, such as disruptive disorders, healthy decisions, sleep disturbances, and social skills.


Rhythmic, oscillating muscle movements pivoting on a joint, most commonly involving the hands but can affect the arms, head, vocal cords, trunk, or legs.

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