Mask Policy

Effective April 24, 2023, Lurie Children's is moving to our next phase of COVID-19 protection. Masks are now optional and welcome for anyone without symptoms in both clinical and non-clinical settings in all Lurie Children’s facilities.

Please see below for more information. 

Like many children’s hospitals, we at Lurie Children’s are seeing very low levels of COVID-19 hospitalizations. There is also widespread immunity in the population. Many children’s hospitals and other Chicago area hospitals have moved to mask optional without identifying increased risk to patients, families, or healthcare workers. 

Anyone with current respiratory illness symptoms or recent exposure to COVID-19 in their home is required to wear a mask while in our facility.  

Some people may choose to continue to wear a mask because they are more comfortable doing so. This includes our healthcare workers. If your healthcare worker has a mask on, it does not mean they have COVID-19. Healthcare workers with illness are excused from patient care activities until COVID-19 has been ruled out and until their illness is improving.  

People with certain medical conditions, such as weak immune system, may choose to continue to wear a mask. If you or your child has an underlying medical condition, such as a weak immune system, your healthcare provider may advise you to continue wearing a mask. We will continue to provide masks to those who choose to wear them. 

Lurie Children’s continues to support several measures to prevent COVID-19, including vaccination, providing testing to sick healthcare workers and patients, and excluding healthcare workers with COVID-19 from work. COVID-19 vaccine for your child can be provided by your care team at your request. Families also can get vaccinated for COVID-19 at our onsite Walgreens on the third floor. 

If you prefer your healthcare team to wear a mask while in your room, you may request this.