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Allergic Rhinitis

An inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the nose, often due to an allergy to pollen, dust or other airborne substances.

Anomalous Aortic Origin of the Coronary Artery (AAOCA)

A congenital heart defect in which one of the arteries that bring blood to the heart muscle is not attached in the normal position.


An acute infection caused by Bacillus anthracis, which could be a potential threat to humans if used in biological warfare.

Arrhythmias & Electrophysiology

An abnormal rhythm of the heart resulting from damage to any part of the heart's electrical system.


A fluid build-up in the abdominal cavity.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

A range of symptoms, skills, and disability levels, including Asperger syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, and pervasive developmental disorders not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).

Autoimmune Disorders of the Brain & Peripheral Nervous System

Disorders occuring when the body’s immune system attacks the brain, spinal cord and/or the nerves of the trunk, arms and legs, causing them to lose the ability to transmit signals.

Benign (Noncancerous) Brain Tumors

Slow-growing tumors not likely to spread, which can often be treated and/or removed. Though called “benign,” can still cause severe pain, brain damage, and do occasionally become malignant.

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Program

Lurie Children’s Heart Center monitors and cares for more than 100 infants, children and teenagers with bicuspid aortic valve disease, the most common form of congenital heart disease.

Biliary Atresia

A chronic, progressive liver disease where bile ducts that are located inside or outside the liver are blocked, not allowing bile to leave the liver, causing damage and loss of vital body functions.


An inflammation of the eyelids, an uncomfortable condition involving redness and scaling of the edges of the eyelids, and burning of the eyes.

Athlete Burnout

A condition in which an athlete experiences fatigue and declining performance in his/her sport despite continuing or increased training.

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