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ConnecTeen is designed to serve and support pregnant and parenting youth who attend Chicago Public Schools (CPS) or live in the City of Chicago, by connecting them with a network of home visiting providers in their community area. ConnecTeen allows a single point of contact to understand the young person’s needs and provide an appropriate referral to the home visiting program.

Home visiting has many goals focused on maternal and child health, and research shows that these visits contribute to positive outcomes for mothers and their children. Families gain skills and resources to support their children to be physically, socially, and emotionally healthy, and mothers are properly supported during pregnancy and the postpartum period - not just in their health, but also in their education.

Meet the ConnecTeen Team

Contact Information:
Email: ConnecTeen@luriechildrens.org
Phone: 312 771 3028
*This above number can be reached via phone call or text


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