Community Volunteer Opportunities with the Magoon Institute

Thank you for your interest in community volunteering!

As part of our vision of improving community health across Chicago and beyond, the Patrick M. Magoon Institute for Healthy Communities, Lurie Children's Volunteer Resources and Lurie Children's Foundation work together to cultivate fulfilling, mission-aligned volunteer opportunities beyond hospital walls. Our volunteer events are coordinated in close partnership with  community based organizations throughout Chicago. 

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Community-based food pantries:
  • We've partnered with the Hermosa Neighborhood Association, a volunteer-run resident advocacy group working to improve the community's services, schools and parks. Join us in cleaning up the local park and surrounding areas each month!
  • Educating community members and families about health and wellness at summer festivals and events throughout the city.
  • Mentoring youth in partnership with Northwestern University and Chicago Youth Programs. 



If you have questions, please email

Volunteer Opportunities for Employees & Physicians

If you are a Lurie Children's employee or physician and would like to learn about community volunteer opportunities, click the button below. 

Volunteer Opportunities for Community Members

If you're not affiliated with Lurie Children's but would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities beyond hospital walls, click the button below.