2023 Honorees

Jamarion O'Connor

Jamarion, 14, who was born with sickle cell disease, knows it takes a village just to care for one person. On regular drives home from Lurie Children’s, where he has received treatment since he was six weeks old, he and his mother Kamilah frequently pass a homeless shelter. The initial sight of community members gathering outside to wait for meals moved young Jamarion. He asked Kamilah if they could invite people to their home to feed them.  

With the help of his parents, Jamarion began making paper bag meals and encouraging friends and family to support the cause on social media — an effort he has now maintained for five years and counting. Jamarion’s resourceful commitment to serving those in need and addressing food insecurity in the face of his own health challenges is a testament to his compassion and perseverance.

Lurie Children's is proud to honor Jamarion with the 2023 Youth Leader Hope & Courage Award.

Majority Leader Robyn Gabel, 18th District

Leader Gabel has maintained a strong commitment to serving the people of Illinois as an advocate for women, children, and families. She served as the Executive Director of the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, a non-profit advocacy organization, from 1988 to 2010.  She has been a State Rep since 2010.  This honor recognizes her leadership and dedication to making healthcare accessible, equitable and affordable, improving maternal and child health outcomes, addressing children’s mental health needs, and safeguarding children.

Lurie Children's is proud to honor Representative Robyn Gabel with the 2023 Government Leader Hope & Courage Award.

Jordan Campbell, Co-founder & Director of Operations, alt_

Jordan Campbell is the driving force behind the creative energy that pulses through Alt Space Chicago. With a passion for innovation and an eye for design, Jordan has transformed Alt Space into a thriving hub for artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries alike.

Although Jordan wasn’t born or raised in the Windy City, Jordan's passion for Chicago's vibrant culture and history has greatly influenced Alt Space's mission. He believes in harnessing the city's rich artistic heritage while pushing boundaries.

Lurie Children's is proud to honor Jordan Campbell with the 2023 Community Advocate Hope & Courage Award.