Educating the Community about Health & Safety

Please join Lurie Children's to help us educate families about child health and safety!

Why This Needs Our Attention

Chicago is home to hundreds of summer fairs and festivals. Many of these events provide a perfect opportunity for volunteers to engage families in fun games that teach them about child health and safety.

What Lurie Children's Is Doing

Each summer, Lurie Children's Community Volunteer Corps members are represented at approximately 10 summer fairs and festivals throughout the City.

We use interactive games to teach children and families about health-related issues, including poison prevention and nutrition.


  • More than 100 volunteers are trained online and volunteer to participate in at least one event each summer
  • In 2017, more than 3,000 children and families stopped by our booths to learn about health and safety


LaDarius Curtis, MBA
Manager, Lurie Children's Healthy Communities