Support Staff Directory

Main contact number

Pete Gorham, Research institute Security
Phone: 773.755.6549

Office of the COO

Cassandra Lucas, PhD, Chief Operating Officer

Jarrod Cunningham​, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 773.755.6310; Fax: 773.755.6533
Mailing Address: Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute,
225 E. Chicago Ave., Box 205, Chicago, IL 60611

Express/Courier Address: 2430 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614-4314
Office Location: Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute, Administration, 1st floor, C.113

Information Technology

James Crandall, Network Analyst
Phone: 773.755.6349

Jeffery Shaw, Senior Network Analyst
Phone: 773.755.6536

Timothy Skimina, Manager of Research Computing
Phone: 773.755.6350; Fax: 773.755.6533
Mailing Address: Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute,
225 E. Chicago Ave., Box 205, Chicago, IL 60611 

Information Technology Web Help Desk (available only to users on site at the Research Institute)

Office of Sponsored Programs

For the Department/Division & Research Program that each of the following
is responsible for, please reference this listing:

The fax number for any member within the Office of Sponsored Programs is 773.755.6533.

Jon​ Teuber, Director
Phone: 773.755.6311

Diana Favela, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 773.755.6559

Rachel Beltzhoover, Assistant Director
Phone: 773.755.6566

Karen Dziedzic, Assistant Director
Phone: 773.755.7427

Roberta Gerard, Assistant Director
Phone: 773-755-6309

Elizabeth Higgins, Assistant Director
Phone: 773.755.6307

Kai Jackson, MS, CRA, Assistant Director
Phone: 773.755.6515

Kris Martens-Ackeret, JD, Associate Director
Phone: 773.755.6561

Chelsea Person, JD, Contracts Associate
Phone: 773.755.6580

Sikirat Tijani, Associate Director
Phone: 773-755-6335

Office of Sponsored Programs Accounting (OSPA)

Melissa Gentile, Director of Finance 
Phone: 312.227.7135

Karen Hawthorne, Grant Accountant-Lead
Phone: 312.227.7218 

Danielle Garland​, Senior Accountant 
Phone: 312.227.7221

Julia Zhu, Senior Financial Analyst
Phone: 312.227.7576

Sarah Harrod, Grant Accountant
Phone: 312.227.7213

Jay Iyer, Sr. Grant Accountant
Phone: 312.227.7144

Brandi Hudson, Grant Accountant
Phone: 312.227.7368

Jerald Knox, Sr., Grant Accountant
Phone:  312.227.4209

Viridiana Santillan, Grant Accounting Specialist
Phone:  312.227.5571

Several members of the finance department provide additional support for the research enterprise, including financial reporting.

Office of Research Integrity & Compliance

Catherine A. Powers, MBA, CCRP, CIP, Director
Phone: 773.755.7489

Tricia Eifler, MBA, CIP, Associate Director
Phone: 773.755.7482

Jessica Macha, CIP, Associate Director
Phone: 773.755.6592

Charlotte Joshi, MPH, CCRP, Assistant Director

Phone: 773.755.7424

Erin Lynch, Clinical Research Educator
Phone: 773.755.6306

Institutional Review Board

General IRB inquiries: 
Amy Bobrowski, MD, IRB Chair

Jillian Anderson, Research Compliance Coordinator 

Kaleigh Michalko, MS, Senior Research Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 773.755.6567

Kimberly Rowan, Research Compliance Coordinator 
Phone: 773.755.7425

Jennie Thai, Research Compliance Coordinator 
Phone: 773.755.6302

Madeleine Kaczmarowski, Research Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 773.755.7494

Jess Ryan, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 773.755.6324

For Cayuse IRB related issues, please contact: Tricia Eifler or Jessica Macha​

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Marilyn L.G. Lamm, PhD, IBC Chair
Phone: 773.755.6569

Catherine A. Powers, MBA, CCRP, CIP, Director
Phone: 773.755.7489

Kimberly Rowan, Research Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 773.755.7425

Facility Services

Mike Wozniak, Building Engineer (Monday)
Andrew Jahns, Building Engineer (Tuesday-Friday)
Phone: 773.755.6348; Pager: 56348

Pete Gorham, Research institute Security
Phone: 773.755.6549

Jose Martinez, Day Porter
Phone: 773.755.6313; Pager: 56313