Support Staff Directory

Main contact number


Office of the COO

Cassandra Lucas, PhD, Chief Operating Officer

Jarrod Cunningham​, Senior Executive Assistant
Phone: 312.503.7099
Mailing Address: Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute,
225 E. Chicago Ave., Box 205, Chicago, IL 60611

Beatrice Apikos-Bennett, Administrative Assistant

Ela Klapczynska, MBA, MS, CRA, Research Strategic Operations Manager
Phone: 312.503.7095

Express/Courier Address: 303 E. Superior St., 10th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611
Office Location: Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute, Administration, 10th Floor, Room 10.334.02

Information Management

For IM support, please call 312.227.3445, or email

Use key words such as SQBRC move, Simpson Querrey move, Research Center Move or 303 E. Superior (building address) when reporting an issue.

Office of Sponsored Programs

For the Department/Division & Research Program that each of the following
is responsible for, please reference this listing:

The fax number for any member within the Office of Sponsored Programs is 312.503.7059.

Robin Lewis, Director
Phone: 312.503.7063

Kris Martens-Ackeret, JD, Interim Director
Phone: 312.503.7079

Diana Favela, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 312.503.7117

Karen Dziedzic, Assistant Director
Phone: 312.503.7046

Kai Jackson, MS, CRA, Assistant Director
Phone: 312.503.7047

Rachel Beltzhoover, Assistant Director
Phone: 312.503.7045

Joseph Braun, Assistant Director

Maura Carroll, Assistant Director
Phone: 312.503.7341

Julia Shaver, Senior Contracts Associate
Phone: 312.503.7024

Office of Research Integrity & Compliance

Kimberly Villota, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 312.503.7110

Tricia Eifler, MBA, CIP, Associate Director
Phone: 312.503.7077

Denise Rizzo, PharmD, IRB Vice Chair
Phone: 312.503.7088

Marilyn L.G. Lamm, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, IBC Chair
Phone: 312.503.7091

Michelle Corbett, MS, Assistant Director, Clinical Research Education
Phone: 312.227.7484

Erin Lynch, Clinical Research Educator
Phone: 312.503.7025

Charlotte Joshi, MPH, CCRP, Clinical Research Educator
Phone: 312.503.7054

Jennie Thai, Research Compliance Coordinator 
Phone: 312.503.7027

Kristen Brown, MS, Research Compliance Coordinator 
Phone: 312.503.7641

Amanda Barkho, Research Compliance Coordinator

Kimberly Rowan, MBA, Senior Research Compliance Coordinator 
Phone: 312.503.7048

Kaleigh Sands Michalko, MS, CIP, Senior Research Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 312.503.7058

Carol Macpherson, CCRC, Clinical Research Quality Assurance & Improvement Specialist
Phone: 312.503.7028

Sneha Solanki, MS, Clinical Research Quality Assurance & Improvement Specialist 
Phone: 312.503.7049

Allison Harris, Single IRB Coordinator

Phone: 312.503.2657

Institutional Review Board

General IRB inquiries: 
Jennifer Rubin, MD, IRB Chair

For Cayuse IRB related issues, please contact: Tricia Eifler

Office of Research Business Management (RBM)

Chris Sorensen, Director
Phone: 312.503.7065

Diana Favela, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 312.503.7117

Cristina Goldsmith, Assistant Director
Phone: 312.503.7005

Darryl Anderson, Research Business Manager
Phone: 312.503.7008

Giancarlo Ferrara, Business Finanacial Analyst

Elizabeth Lozano, Research Business Manager
Phone: 312.503.7009

Benetta Thomas, Research Business Analyst
Phone: 312.503.1422

Post Award Financial Management (PAFM)

Melissa Gentile, Director
Phone: 312.503.7062

Diana Favela, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 312.503.7117

Karen Hawthorne, Manager, Post Award Financial Management
Phone: 312.503.7082

Edward Perez, Grant Accounting Specialist
Phone: 312.503.7035

Sarah Harrod, Senior Grants Accountant
Phone: 312.503.7021

Ruben Galvez, Grants Accountant

Viridiana Santillan, Grant Accounting Specialist
Phone:  312.503.7017

Colleen Garbe, Senior Project Manager
Phone: 312.503.7033

Julia Zhu, Senior Financial Analyst
Phone: 312.503.7034

Several members of the finance department provide additional support for the research enterprise, including financial reporting.

Clinical Trials Office (CTO)

Victoria Ramos, Executive Assistant
Phone: 312.503.7602

Christy Anton, Director
Phone: 312.503.7122

Katie Amsden, Research Project Manager
Phone: 312.503.7173

Karen Rychlik, Senior Statistician
Phone: 312.503.7010

Aneta Jedraszko, Clinical Research Coordinator II
Phone: 312.503.7015

Tina Carter, Clinical Research Coordinator III
Phone: 312.503.7013

Anna De Sonia, Clinical Research Coordinator, Lead

Theresa Oswald, Clinical Research Operations Manager
Phone: 312.503.1854

Research Navigators

Kelly Carroll, PhD, Research Scientist Navigator
Phone: 312.503.7084

Reuben Fan, PhD, Research Scientist Navigator
Phone: 312.503.7083

Lab Manager

Greg Taborn
Phone: 312.503.7096

Alisha Porter, Lab Dishwasher

Research Administrative Coordinators

Denise Lilly
Phone: 312.503.7656

Diana Abdi
Phone: 312.503.7319

Jessica Dwyer
Phone: 312.503.7657

Joshua Miller
Phone: 312.503.7682