Sponsored Research Finance Office (SRFO)


Please review the Roles & Responsibilities Matrix for sponsored awards and industry sponsored clinical trials for a high level overview of how and when to engage with the Sponsored Research Finance Office as well as investigator and departmental responsibilities. 

  • Review financial reporting and invoicing terms and conditions in award notice.
  • Prepare and submit financial status reports (FFRs) and cost sharing including Relinquishing Statements to sponsors.
  • Maintain financial reports and documentation submitted to sponsors for audit purposes.

Policies and Procedures

When to Engage the Sponsored Research Finance Office

  • Fund Setups and Continuations
  • Lawson LBI Access
  • Confirmation of Sponsor Payments
  • Assistance with Lawson Payroll Templates
  • Study Gift Card Requests
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Audits

The Sponsored Research Finance Office can help investigators and research staff:

  • Setup funds for PI spending
  • Review and approve expenses
  • Advise PI with prior approval requests; provide data as needed
  • Provide data to PI for cost transfers and re-budgeting requests as needed
  • Advise PI on budget management and monitoring of award expenditures
  • Provide projection reports
  • Reconcile gift card logs to replenishment requests
  • Invoice sponsor for start-up costs
  • Deposit sponsor payments
  • Provide financial information for sponsor-required progress reports
  • Distribute residual funds to PI at contract close

Please visit the Support Staff Directory for a full Sponosored Research Finance Office staff listing.

To request study payments incentives, submit an email to Study Payments.

Refer to Section D for the policy on study payments.

Forms to be used for study payments

Lurie Children's Gift Card Request Form

Tango Electronic Gift Card Link

Gift Card Distribution Log

Unused Gift Cards Procedures

Study Participant Cash Request Process

Clinical Trial Invoicing

Submit copies of all clinical trial invoices to PPR.Invoices@luriechildrens.org

Sponosred Research Finance Office - will submit non-patient ancillary invoices (i.e., start up, IRB renewals, amendments and closeouts)