Scientific Peer Review Exemption Policy

Effective May 25, 2018, revised July 11, 2018

We continually adjust the Scientific Peer Review Process to improve the quality of our extramural funding applications and the likelihood of success.  We are adjusting the process to accommodate the diversity of our investigators through an exemption and waiver policy to take immediate effect.


The Scientific Peer Review Policy will be optional for those applying for federal awards who fit the following criteria. 

  • Faculty with three or more R01 equivalent awards (equivalencies subject to CRO and ACRO approval)
  • Faculty in specific divisions and programs, based on a clear record of success and a strong shared review, have received a formal blanket exemption.


In addition, faculty may formally request a waiver from Scientific Peer Review in the following situations:

  1. Junior Faculty who are applying for K-awards may be qualify for a waiver if they fulfill the following criteria.
    • You have completed (or are completing) the writing workshop with Rick McGee
    • You have a non-mentor who has agreed to review your submission
  2. A waiver may be granted if the time between release of the grant announcement & grant deadline is less than 10 weeks.
  3. Special circumstances for exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Please see the FAQ document (website) for additional information and directions on how to request a waiver.  Further inquiries may be directed to: