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Post Award Financial Management (PAFM)


  • Review financial reporting and invoicing terms and conditions in award notice.
  • Prepare and submit financial status reports (FFRs) and cost sharing including Relinquishing Statements to sponsors.
  • Maintain financial reports and documentation submitted to sponsors for audit purposes.

Policies and Procedures

When to Engage PAFM

  • Fund Setups and Continuations
  • Lawson LBI Access
  • Confirmation of Sponsor Payments
  • Assistance with Lawson Payroll Templates
  • Study Gift Card Requests
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Audits

The PAFM Office can assist investigators and research staff with

  • Fund account establishment and maintenance.
  • Invoice preparation and system drawdowns.
  • Tracking and following up on sponsor payments.
  • Preparing and submitting financial reports.
  • Ensuring accurate project accounting through closeout.
  • Maintaining financial records for audit.

Post Award Financial Management (PAFM)

Melissa Gentile, Director
Phone: 312.503.7062

Diana Favela, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 312.503.7117

Karen Hawthorne, Manager, Post Award Financial Management
Phone: 312.503.7082

Ruben Galvez, Grants Accountant
Phone: 312.503.7037

Sarah Harrod, Senior Grants Accountant
Phone: 312.503.7021

Eddie Perez, Grant Accounting Specialist
Phone: 312.503.7035

Viridiana Santillan, Grants Accountant
Phone: 312.503.7017

Colleen Garbe, Senior Project Manager
Phone: 312.503.7033

Julia Zhu, Senior Financial Analyst
Phone: 312.503.7034

Several members of the finance department provide additional support for the research enterprise, including financial reporting.

For any questions regarding payments contact Eddie Perez for all payment inquiries.

To request study payments incentives, submit an email to Study Payments.

Refer to Section D for the policy on study payments.

Forms to be used for study payments

Lurie Children's Gift Card Request Form

Tango Electronic Gift Card Link

Gift Card Distribution Log

Unused Gift Cards Procedures

Study Participant Cash Request Process

Clinical Trial Invoicing

Submit copies of all clinical trial invoices to PPR.Invoices@luriechildrens.org

PAFM - will submit non-patient ancillary invoices (i.e., start up, IRB renewals, amendments and closeouts)