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K Channel

We have developed a new resource for junior investigators and K scholars within Microsoft Teams.

The goal of this channel

1. Serve as an interactive site to share your questions, experiences, helpful tips & resources with other early stage Investigators.

2. Develop into a one stop shop for K resources.

We currently have a range of materials including Sample K submissions, funding opportunities, articles, books, etc. We want your input so that the K Channel can meet your needs.

How to use the K Channel

The K Channel is by invitation only:

  1. If you have already been identified as an early investigator, you are already a member. Click here to access the K Channel.
  2. If you are not currently a member, contact us at researchdevelopment@luriechildrens.org to be added.

What are the criteria for membership?

  1. An investigator with a recent or current K award.
  2. An investigator with a recent K submission.
  3. An investigator that is actively pursuing an early investigator/training grant.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at researchdevelopment@luriechildrens.org